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9 Nisan 2021


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Two Dots is a very fun and mind crushing game. Here you have to join the same color dots with a single line and in a single stroke. The rules of the games are simple, draw line and eliminate the dots.

Kids all love completing connect-the-dot designs, to see what the final picture looks like! These designs are all sized for six-inch Wikki Stix, so you may want to use Single Color Packages or the six-inch Bulk Packs for this project. School Bus Alphabet Matching – practice matter upper and lowerase letters with a fun back to school theme.

More Road Trip Activities For Kids:

The orientation recommendation will be stated below each puzzle. Also below each puzzle is a link for more printing help if you should encounter any problems. After connecting all the dots, the picture will automatically become colorful. Relax, connect dot2dot and watch the magic happen. While connecting the dots number by number you train your brain.

It can be used in a homeschool setting, one-on-one, or in a classroom setting like Sunday School. Help your child strengthen his memorization skills with this printable worksheet, which uses sight words in a simple matching game. We have a great collection of craft ideas that cover all the major seasons, holidays and include a variety of subjects and topics. Crafts are a great way to make learning fun for children and help them develop important skills. Browse through our 45+ categories of crafts and incorporate some into your next lesson plan or daily routine. Dot-to-dot activities are excellent for fine motor skills…and also to help reinforce numbers in sequence.

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It may take a bit more ink, but it keeps her interested longer than the plain old dots do. I have created nine different game sheets below. The first three are standard games with dots filling the page. I made them with different amounts of dots, because I know some kids won’t have the patience to play a game with tons of boxes.

  • Word search puzzles are a fun way to keep kids entertained.
  • Help your child practice saying the letter N by completing a connect the dots puzzle with this printable worksheet.
  • Kids have to solve the puzzle correctly in order to reveal the insect.
  • Also below each puzzle is a link for more printing help if you should encounter any problems.
  • You can select any of these to be displayed on the screen or can select Random Dots option to display the dots randomly.

Looking for an activity to get your early learner more interested in counting numbers? Our brand new Transportation dot to dots printable activity pages will help do just that. Among Download Dot to Dot APK for Android the nine connect the dots coloring pages in this set, we’ve included a truck, an airplane, a sailboat, a smart car and a motorcycle. I’ve collected a variety of dot-to-dot printables sorted by difficulty levels so you can enjoy a fun activity with your kids or students. The number of dots on each sheet is included (ex. ) to help you decide which one is best suited for the age group.