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19 Mart 2021

The first draft is usually just a matter of getting the words on the page. Once you have that structure and the editing commences then you will probably see that a lot will change. Writing fantasy/adventure for that age group is an interesting one. On the one hand, they are a younger audience and so you have to consider their attention span/focus/engagement. On the other hand, readers of that genre tend to become more invested and expect a higher word count as world-building usually accounts for a lot more content than ‘normal fiction’.

She was described as beautiful with small eyes and no character whatsoever. While at the same time the MC described Leila’s beauty. The fact that Tobias found Leila more beautiful than the Savior, told me everything I needed to know.

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At the same time, the higher their resistance to the laws of the world the better. The main character met this criteria by having a human consciousness despite being a dragon egg. For Santi, he mentioned something about not growing up with love in the finale and it reminds me of the privilege that LGBT youth like myself that is in their 20s or younger enjoy. I think that’s the problem we face majorly.

  • Also, if you’re marketing savvy enough and create content people want to read, they will follow you to pay for your non WP books.
  • Just because some people from a group are pieces Wattpad of shit with no humanity doesn’t mean they all are, period.
  • While many of the books here aren’t great, or are more romance or teen drama oriented, I’ve found quite a few entertaining science fiction and drama reads here.
  • For the best reader experience, proofread your work and attach an attractive cover.
  • Every chapter is told from multiple point of view, usually from point of view of three different character.
  • Summer has come to an end, and it’s time for Luz to return home to Camila.

So after I go through it one more time, I will be contacting you again to make arrangements for an appraisal. (My son will also be verifying HIS “voice” is still front and center). Hopefully, the word count will DROP, not rise. Finish the draft first, then worry about word count. is okay for YA books by most standards, but when you go back to edit, that count should change. But if it isn’t finished, then finish the story first.

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Most of the books I have seen, are very well-written, 13+ appropriate. When I first heard about Wattpad, I thought the idea was very cool. I encourage my children to express themselves using creativity.

Wattpad readers certainly seem very willing to engage with an author and provide feedback as a startling 5 million new comments are posted every month. It goes without saying that the quality of the comments will vary from the inane to the constructive. Serialization, if done correctly, can lead to reader loyalty and Wattpad is acutely aware of this.