Use It: New Hacks On MARVEL Super War App On Android That Nobody Knows [Part 2]



17 Mart 2021


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Daredevil can also traverse through walls like you do. Always stay with your teammates if there is a Daredevil on the enemy team. Try to use your skill 2, Solar Radiation in conjunction with your support’s crowd control ability. Rend Particle – gives the possibility to kill enemies who just barely escaped with its damage over time. This is particularly useful for Vision who kills enemies from far MARVEL Super War apk away.

Get the Ultimate as soon as it becomes available and for the other two skills, prioritize Meteor Shuttle since each level will reduce its cooldown by 1 second, which can help you a lot. Only take one rank in Nova Burst, and max it after everything else. When joining a fight activate your Ultra skill first, your other skills will do more damage.

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Unstable Radiation – Gives Vision additional burst damage easily activated by using his Skill 2, Solar Radiation. Casting your ultra-skill will zoom out your screen but it won’t show enemies beyond the fog of war. Solar Energy Beam activates your passive if it hits an enemy hero. Use the opportunity to reposition yourself past walls, further away from your enemies. Solar Energy Beam enhances two basic attacks after casting the skill so make sure to attack your enemies after casting the skill.

  • But that’s our impression, and it didn’t affect her position on our Marvel Super War Tier List.
  • Star-Lord deals elemental shots which are 20% basic attack or skill damage as energy damage.
  • Well placed ultimate can really turn the tides in your favor and place your team at a significant advantage.
  • Furthermore, Hela heals whenever a target with Death Energy dies, which allows her to stay laning longer.
  • For the app submitted by users, will verify its APK signature safety before release it on our website.

To defeat Mysterio requires a team who trust each other, that is, having good communication and good teamwork to overcome Mysterio’s tricks. Marksmen are the squishiest characters in the entire game. They will quickly go down if someone gets close to them and attacks them in melee.

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Her general strategy follows the usual mage or, in this case, power class rule, which always means keeping your safe distance. As powerful as she is considering offensive strength, a few good hits can make her fall easily. Being at the end of your range is a must for most cases, and using skills that push enemies back have to be used very carefully. The Fantastic Four’s leader and resident genius is our third and final pick for the best fighters in Marvel Super War. Mister Fantastic sports average stats overall but his skill set makes for great strategic plays as well.