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The former web site of SAIL. Hackers thought this was very humorous because the plain %keywords% connection to electrical engineering was nonexistent — the lab was named for a Donald C. Power. Compare Marginal Hacks.

To stop functioning; usually mentioned of the system. The message from the consolethat each hacker hates to hear from the operator is “System taking place in 5 minutes”. `take down’, `bring down’ vt. To deactivate purposely, usually teco zap cap reviews for restore work or PM. “I’m taking the system right down to work on that bug within the tape drive.” Occasionally one hears the word `down’ by itself used as a verb on this vt. sense.

For instance, a information-manipulation program would possibly implement inference guidelines as demons. Whenever a brand new piece of data was added, various demons would activate (which demons is determined by the actual piece of data) and would create additional pieces of knowledge by applying their respective inference guidelines to the unique piece. These new items might in turn activate more demons as the inferences filtered down via chains of logic. Meanwhile, the principle program could continue with no matter its primary task was.

The term was in steady via not frequent use till 1998 and the invention of open source. An middleman pc that does set-up and filtering for an additional (normally more powerful however less friendly) machine (a `back end’). What you https://cex.io/ are talking to when you could have a conversation with someone who is making replies without paying consideration. “Look on the dancing elephants!” “Uh-huh.” “Do you realize what I just mentioned?” “Sorry, you were speaking to the front end.” three.

[portmanteau, delimiter + eliminate] A string or sample used to delimit textual content into fields, but which is itself eradicated from the ensuing listing of fields. This jargon appears to have originated among Perl hackers in reference to the Perl split() operate; however, it has been sighted in reside use amongst Java and even Visual Basic programmers. Routines that can by no means be accessed because all calls to them have been eliminated https://www.binance.com/, or code that cannot be reached as a result of it’s guarded by a control construction that provably should at all times transfer control somewhere else. (Sometimes it simply signifies that an especially defensive programmer has inserted cannot happen checks which actually can’t occur — but.) Syn. See additionally dead, and The Story of Mel.

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The main loop of an event-processing program; the code that gets instructions and dispatches them for execution. [techspeak] In `system driver’, code designed to handle a selected peripheral gadget corresponding to a magnetic disk or tape unit. In the TeX world and the computerized typesetting world normally, a program that interprets some device-unbiased or other frequent format to something a real gadget can actually understand. “The up escalator is down” is taken into account a humorous factor to say (except in fact you were expecting to use it), and “The elevator is down” at all times means “The elevator isn’t working” and by no means refers to what flooring the elevator is on. With respect to computers, this term has handed into the mainstream; the extension to other forms of machine remains to be confined to techies (e.g. boiler mechanics might converse of a boiler being down).

[IBM] The act of replacing unrelated elements kind of at random in hopes that a malfunction will go away. Hackers consider %keywords% this the conventional working mode of field circus techs and don’t love them for it.

  • To course of every element of an inventory of things.
  • Much AI-hacker jargon derives from ITS folklore, and to have been `an ITS hacker’ qualifies one instantly as an old-timer of essentially the most venerable sort.
  • It seems probably it is a backronym.
  • “Hold on, I’ve obtained to loop through my paper mail.” Derives from the pc-language notion of an iterative loop; evaluate `cdr down’ (underneath cdr), which is much less common among C and Unix programmers.
  • ITS hackers used to say `IRP over’ after an obscure pseudo-op in the MIDAS PDP-10 assembler (the identical IRP op can nowadays be present in Microsoft’s assembler).
  • Incompatible Time-sharing System, an influential though extremely idiosyncratic operating system written for PDP-6s and PDP-10s at MIT and lengthy used on the MIT AI Lab.

If you point to 2 people sitting down and say “Exch!”, you might be asking them to trade places. EXCH, which means EXCHange, was originally the name of a PDP-10 instruction that exchanged the contents of a register and a memory location. Many newer hackers are probably teco zap cap reviews pondering as a substitute of the PostScript trade operator (which is usually written in lowercase). [from Ronald Reagan’s famous characterization of the communist Soviet Union] Formerly IBM, now Microsoft.

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Poole’s legendary temper and unwillingness to endure fools gladly didn’t help issues. By the time of the Jupiter project cancellation in 1983, Foonly’s proposal to build another F-1 was eclipsed by the Mars, and the company never fairly recovered. See the Mars entry for the continuation and moral of this story. Indeed, in hackish expertise many fools are capable of reasoning all too successfully in executing their errors.

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The basic consensus is to tolerate them politely in hopes that they will appeal to individuals who grow into being true hackers. The tray of a CD-ROM drive, or by extension the CD drive itself. So called due to a standard tech assist legend concerning the fool who called to complain that the cup holder on his pc broke.

Since 1990 or so, well-liked tradition has included a motion or trend trend that calls itself `cyberpunk’, associated particularly with the rave/techno subculture. Hackers have mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, self-described cyberpunks too often appear to be shallow trendoids in black leather who have https://cryptolisting.org/coin/zap substituted enthusiastic blathering about expertise for truly learning and doing it. Attitude isn’t any substitute for competence. On the other hand, a minimum of cyberpunks are enthusiastic about the best things and correctly respectful of hacking expertise in those who have it.

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Software that gives an interface to a different program `behind’ it, which may not be as person-friendly. Probably from analogy with hardware entrance-ends (see sense 1) that interfaced with mainframes.


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